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Tik Tok is the future of social media…

The app has a young userbase, and enormous potential for further growth, which is why every business NEEDS to have a Tik Tok marketing strategy.
But you might be thinking… “how does marketing on Tik Tok even work?”
Here at Qemy, we have experience running EPIC Tik Tok marketing campaigns designed to grow brands and drive sales.
Here’s exactly how we do it…

Who Is Using TikTok?

As younger generations move away from standard advertising mediums such as print, radio, and television, they are flocking to TikTok.
As the most popular application for Generation Z and Millennials, those wishing to bring their content before the next generation of consumers must begin to strategize for online marketing and advertising through TikTok.

What is TikTok?

The Latest Social Media Craze Sweeping the world
If you grab someone on the street and ask them what their favorite app is right now, it is likely they will tell you one name: TikTok.
As one of the most popular mobile apps on the market, TikTok is a viral video program owned and operated by the company ByteDance.
As a short-form video sharing application, TikTok allows users to upload videos of themselves and share them with their friends and the growing user base of over 500,000 daily users.
Because of its popularity and the ability for videos to quickly grow viral, businesses and marketing agencies are working to bring their brands to the platform. By creating videos that feature products and services that target the TikTok audience, companies have the opportunity to reach new and current customers quickly and create a loyal online following.

An incredibly simple concept – loved by all

The complex algorithms underlying TikTok help direct video content on a nearly limitless stream toward viewers each time they log into the app.
As video after video play automatically, viewers can interact, like, and share the content with their followers, as well as create their own videos. Advertisers can take advantage of this new streaming content avenue to reach new audiences with fun and engaging video content.
Why Your Business Needs A Professional TikTok Advertising Team
The world of TikTok gained popularity quickly, and the application is changing almost daily as new content emerges and influencers grow their brands.
If you are a business looking to stand out in the Middle East digital markets, you need a professional team to help you rise above the noise.
At Qemy our team of social media marketing experts has first-hand experience in using TikTok to reach customers. With our team in your corner, you can trust that your brand’s integrity and reputation will be protected while increasing your influence through a variety of online advertising and digital marketing services.
Don’t wait for your customers to come to you. Go to them. Start building a better digital presence today on TikTok with the team at Qemy.

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    Professional TikTok Account Creation

    Because the Middle East is such a fiercely competitive and complex market, it requires a comprehensive approach. By developing a strategy that can analyze and predict customer behavior, we’re able to achieve a greater impact on your business than any other WeChat marketing agency

    Digital Marketing With TikTok PPC Ads

    Reach quality leads and only pay for what works with professionally-built Pay Per Click (PPC) TikTok video and banner advertising campaigns.

    Powerful KOLs & Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

    We will build and launch effective KOLs & Affiliate marketing campaigns that utilize the latest in advertising technology and brand recognition algorithms.

    Engaging Games & User Content with TikTok Ads

    Stop the scroll and engage potential clients in new, fun ways with TikTok digital games, video content, and more – built to help your brand increase its reach and reputation.

    TikTok Social Commerce Services

    If you are a legal entity with the power to operate in Chinese business markets, take advantage of CPS advertising to increase your sphere of influence. We can help you build the best content and commerce strategy to succeed.

    Expert Video Content Creation & Editing

    Keep your TikTok account updated with high-quality video content that keeps followers coming back day after day!

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