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12 KPIs to solve your ROI

return on investment

List of the 12 most important KPIs to solve your Return on Investment Challenge

  1. CPC / COST PER CLICK Ad spend / clicks. The actual price you pay for each click. 
  2. CTR / CLICK-THROUGH RATE Clicks / Impressions. The amount of clicks in your campaign divided by the number of impressions or sends. 
  3. CPL / COST PER LEAD Ad spend / leads. The amount of money you spend to acquire a lead. 
  4. MQL / MARKETING QUALIFIED LEAD A lead that meets the benchmark agreed upon by marketing and sales for being considered a strong prospect. Usually qualified through analytics and/or a lead scoring system. 
  5. LEAD SCORE The methodology marketing uses to identify MQLs. 
  6. SQL / SALES QUALIFIED LEAD A lead that sales has vetted and qualified as a prospective customer. 
  7. CVR / CONVERSION RATE Conversions / Clicks. The percentage of users that take a desired action. 
  8. CPA / COST PER ACTION OR ACQUISITION Ad Spend / Conversions. How much it costs on average for one person to fill out a form or become a lead. 
  9. ROI / RETURN ON INVESTMENT (Revenue – Ad Spend) / Ad Spend 
  10. MARKETING AUTOMATION SYSTEM Technology used to automate marketing actions to improve engagement and efficiency. 
  11. CRM / CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT Technology used to manage and analyze interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. 
  12. ATTRIBUTION Accurately attributing an outcome to a specific tactic. The five models for marketing attribution are: first touch, last touch, multi-touch, rules based and algorithmic.
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